About Sugar Nutrition UK

Sugar Nutrition UK is a not for profit, scientific organisation that is a leading source of expertise on sugars and health in the UK for a range of audiences, including health professionals, researchers, academics, policy makers, industry and media.

We communicate science-based information on all aspects of sugars and health. This involves the interpretation and translation of often complex science into easy to understand and relevant information to help inform and educate our varied audiences.

Our website contains a range of resources including Facts & Myths and a Sugar FAQ that you may find useful. We regularly update our website with summaries of latest scientific research in the area and our view on current sugars and health debates. We also issue research and health information updates to academics and health professionals.

Sugar Nutrition UK was established in 1964 and is principally funded by UK sugar manufacturers. 

Sugar Nutrition UK continuously monitors developments in nutritional science published in international scientific journals. Our website contains information on a wide range of research topics, from dental health to weight control and dietary guidelines. Sugar Nutrition UK also funds scientific research in academic institutions throughout the UK.

Our Research Programme