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Snack Pack

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Some days it is almost impossible to eat regular meals and the time you have available to eat is out of sync with regular meal times. This is likely to happen if you choose to work out first thing in the morning before work, at lunchtime or on your way home after work.

It's vital that you refuel and rehydrate as soon as possible after exercise and unless you take your own you would have to rely on food being available at the venue. Do not assume the food you prefer to eat will be readily available - be smart and don't get caught out. Put yourself in control and pack your own. This needn't be time consuming nor complicated, but it does take a little thought.

Consider packing some of the suggested kit-bag snacks and keep your store cupboard stocked-up with a few of your favourites ready for when you need them.

Kit-bag snacks

Bottles of water
Bagel, muffin, scone
Dilute squash
Fresh, dried or tinned fruit
Fruit bread
Cartons of fruit juice
Bread sticks
Cereal bars
Cartons of fruit squash
Jelly beans
Can of vegetable juice
Fruit gums
Sports drink
Fruit smoothies
Soft drinks
Fruit yoghurt

Store cupboard stand-bys

Cereal bars
Long-life milk
Cartons of fruit juice
Boxes of raisins
Pots of low-fat rice pudding or custard
Jelly beans
Cans of vegetable juice
Fresh, dried or tinned fruit
Sports drink
Soft drinks


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Eating a healthy, balanced diet along with taking regular exercise is key to physical and mental wellbeing.

No foods should be considered as ‘good or bad’ as all foods play an important role in the diet. It is only when foods are eaten in excess that health problems result.

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