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It is not possible to be allergic to sugar...

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News updates and press releases

June 2014

Response to the Launch of the SACN Carbohydrate Consultation

June 2014

Initial Response to the Launch of Public Health England's Sugar Reduction Document

June 2014

Initial Response to Launch of the SACN Carbohydrate Consultation

June 2014

Response to Action on Sugar's Childhood Obesity Plan

May 2014

Statement on review by Te Morenga et al. on sugars and cardiometabolic risk

May 2014

Release of data from Years 1-4 of the Rolling Programme of the National Diet & Nutrition Survey

March 2014Sugar Nutrition UK response to the public consultation on the WHO Draft Guideline: Sugars intake for adults and children
March 2014Response to CMO's Annual Report
March 2014Response to launch of WHO Draft Guideline: Sugars intake for adults and children
February 2014Response to Yang et al. paper published in JAMA
January 2014
Response to claims made in regards to launch of the group 'Action on Sugar'
January 2014Sugar Nutrition UK funded research
November 2013Response to BMJ Modelling Study on Sugar Sweetened Beverages Tax
October 2013New Research: Obese women alter diets in response to additional calories from soft drinks
October 2013
New Research: Portion Size: the science and the Responsibility Deal 
July 2013
New Research: People's diets show a sugar-fat seesaw 
June 2013Response to launch of hybrid front of pack nutritional labelling scheme by UK Government
June 2013Scientific Review on Sucrose and Sports Performance
May 2013Response to article by Malhotra in British Medical Journal
April 2013Response to article by InterAct Consortium in Diabetologia
April 2013Evidence shows no effect of sugar on risk factors for heart disease
February 2013 Response to article by Basu et al. in PLoS ONE
February 2013 Response to Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Childhood Obesity Report and Media Activities 
January 2013Response to review by Te Morenga et al. in BMJ 
December 2012Response to books by Professor Lustig
November 2012Patients with diabetes left in the dark
July 2012Are nutrition claims misleading?
July 2012Sports Nutrition Booklet: The Human Engine
January 2012Sugar Nutrition UK - the new name for the Sugar Bureau
September 2011Launch of new look science based website
September 2011Evidence Shifts From Extrinsic Sugars in Fight Against Dental Demineralisation
December 2010High-fat low-carb diets could mean significant heart risks
August 2010Research shows sugary drinks do not cause weight gain
May 2010Lack of exercise key to increased BMI in children
March 2010Men have better inbuilt liquid calorie detectors than women


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Eating a healthy, balanced diet along with taking regular exercise is key to physical and mental wellbeing.

No foods should be considered as ‘good or bad’ as all foods play an important role in the diet. It is only when foods are eaten in excess that health problems result.

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