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Association between more frequent chocolate consumption and lower body mass index

Golomb et al., (2012) Arch Int Med 172: 519-520


Objective: To examine the relationship of chocolate consumption frequency to BMI

Design: Cross-sectional

Setting: US

Participants: 1018 men and women aged 20 – 85 y (mean 57 y) participating in a study examining the non-cardiac effects of statins.  68% were men, mean BMI of 28 kg/m².

Main outcome measures: Chocolate consumption frequency by questionnaire (times per week, n = 1017), BMI (n= 972), FFQ

Results: Chocolate consumption frequency was inversely associated with BMI regardless of the adjustment model (which variously included age, sex, activity (questionnaire), calories, sat fat, fruit and veg consumption, and mood). Chocolate consumption frequency was linked to greater calories (P<0.001) but not greater activity.  Amount of chocolate eaten was not related to BMI in age and sex adjusted models. 

Conclusions: More frequent chocolate consumption is linked to lower BMI.  Authors suggest this is due to chocolate containing other beneficial nutrients eg. catechins.


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